He was a legend. Marcelo is not and perhaps never will be.(from flickr)


I was reading about Marcelo (current awful Real Madrid left back) and how his career started to rise with Fluminese and how he ended up at Real Madrid. To say the least, I was shocked to hear people like Maldini and Maradonna praising Marcelo and calling him Roberto Carlos’s (a former great Real Madrid left back) successor.

Well both, Maradonna and Maldini, are not really Brazilians so I guess they wanted to degrade Roberto Carlos’s ability as a football player by comparing him to a player like Marcelo. How can any sane person even compare Marcelo with a world class left back like Ashley Cole let alone compare Marcelo with perhaps the greatest left back of all time?

To make it easier for the readers to understand why Marcelo is not even a world class player let alone the heir of Roberto Carlos’s throne, I am going to list 5 reasons why Marcelo is not another Roberto Carlos which many people thought he would be after his meteoric rise to stardom. Here are the five reasons:

  • He is an average left back defensively.His technique is too flawed. He does not really has a mind for being a defender and in most situations cannot think like one. He gets out of position far too often. Doesn’t know how to clear the ball when pressed hard and I am not even going to go into how bad his tackling technique is if we consider him as a Real Madrid player. If he was playing for a team like Wigan Athletic, then I think he would have been considered an integral part of the setup at that club but he is just an average player at Real Madrid.Many a times Marcelo has cost Real Madrid 3 points in the league due to his bad tackling technique and his poor positional sense.
  • He does not have the focus required
    to reach the levels that Roberto Carlos achieved. His concentration wavers off during matches. He makes careless mistakes and while he is great at going forward, he forgets the sole purpose of him being in the team which is to defend, not get forward a score goals, which he likes to do a lot.
  • He does not have the speed of Roberto Carlos. Not even close I would say, players like Clichy and Evra are easily faster than Marcelo.They are also more reliable and much more professional about their jobs.
  • Marcelo cannot or does not take free kicks. Roberto Carlos did take free kicks for Real Madrid and did score some goals that you would want to see again and again just to understand how the heck did the ball end up in the back of the net from such insane distances.
  • Roberto Carlos had better sense of when to join the attack and when not to. He knew his role as a defender and as an attacker. Marcelo is far too rogue and undisciplined to be playing as a left back for the club like Real Madrid.

Agree with these points? Don’t agree with them? Let me know your thoughts in any case. I think hardly anyone is going to refute the argument that Marcelo is nowhere near as good as Roberto Carlos and neither looks like getting to that level of excellence.

What is debatable I am sure is whether Marcelo should be playing at a club like Real Madrid and how come Mourinho has not replaced him yet. Well he did try when Mourinho signed Coentrao but it seems like that, that plan has backfired as both, while being good in attack, are pretty shit defenders.