Ronaldo Helped Real Madrid to Win The League This Season(photo by DigatialArtiists)


Real Madrid have won the La Liga title for the season 2011-2012 and on top of that, Barcelona have won nothing this season except for Copa Del Ray which is another great news. Barcelone beat Atletico Bilbao in the final so their Copa Del Ray is basically worthless. Essentially Barcelona have won nothing in season 2011-2012 as they came 2nd in the league and got beat by a weakened Chelsea in the Champions league as well.

Messi, team success vise, flopped in 2011-2012, Barcelona won nothing of importance this season. When Real Madrid won the Copa Del Ray in Mourinho’s first year, Real Madrid beat Barcelona of all teams and that is precisely the reason why it was considered as a success for Real Madrid that season.

Barcelona on the other hand had no such luck. Messi might have scored 72 goals this season but he could do nothing for Barcelona in the big matches this season. He failed terribly against Real Madrid in the league and against Chelsea in the ChampionsLeaguebothhomeandaway.

Ronaldoontheotherhand,scored against every side that stood in his way and I think should deservedly win FIfa player of the year for the season 2011-2012.

Real Madrid also became the first team in history of all major European Soccer Leagues to have scored 100 points in one season. Real Madrid also scored their previous record of scoring most goals in a single season in La Liga, I think Real Madrid scored about 121 goals in 2011-2012 season whereas the previous record was I think 107 (it could be 114 as well, I am not entirely sure).