Real Madrid's Kak

Kaka is back to his near best now (photo by delayed)


Real Madrid won their match pretty clearly in the champions league against APEOL with an aggregate score of 8-2. Ronaldo scored two goals and one of them was an absolute screamer of a goal from a free kick and man what a great free kick it was.

Kaka also scored a stunner of a goal. He also came close to scoring another stunning goal just minutes later but was denied by the post.

The rest of the goals were pretty standard and nothing much be said about them. Barcelona also won their game against AC Milan and somehowendeduploosingthegamebythreegoalsto1.

Real Madrid will now face Bayern Munich in the semi finals of the Champions League. Bayern Munich are for sure the strongest side remaining in the competition along with Barcelona and of course Real Madrid.

Barcelona will face Chelsea in the semi finals. Most of the pundits and coaches havemarkedChelseaoffandIthinkitwouldme