Mourinho Of Real Madrid

(Photo By Halighalie From Flickr)

Real Madrid increased their lead over Barcelona to a total of 9 points and then saw it being reduced to a achievable 6 points.

The fact that did came out of this encounter between Real Madrid and Osasuna is that Real Madrid conquered and dominated Osasuna where Barcelona could not even equal Osasuna. The pampolana (or something like that) is a place where Osasuna can be a very formidable foe.

Today was not going to be there day as Real Madrid looked determined to wrestle the title away from Barcelona after 2 years of drought.

Mourinho is a bit of a master at this. He takes each match as it comes and thus strategizes really well for them. To be honest, Guardiola is is the apprentice and Mourinho is the master. If it weren’t for the likes of Xavi and Messi, Guardiola would have won nothing.

Anyway, coming back to the match and the personal due of Ronaldo with Lionel Messi who have been going toe to toe this season with each other for the amount of goals each scores. Though Ronaldo has kept up to the challenge in terms of number of goals, Messi dominates Ronaldo in terms of the quality of goals scored but then again, football is a team game, its not like tennis where individual talent is the only thing that matters.

Ronaldo had two goals andtwoassiststodayandwhatagameitwasfor him. His two assists were almost as good as goals. His fantastic quick footwork allowed him to beat defenders on will on that left wing and provided assists with his left foot to Benzema and Higuain.

His two goals were also pretty good. One was a scorcher from 35 yards. He scored one like that few weeks ago at Bernabeu and now he showed us that, unlike Messi, he can do that away from home as well.

Talking about scorchers. Benzema scored a scorcher himself. The left footed cross from Ronaldo for the first goal was a bit over hit. Benzema took the opportunity and smashed a volley into the opposite corner of the net. Man what a volley