Traning of AC Milan players

A scoreless draw is the perfect for Milan (Photo from flickr)

While Real Madrid sit pretty with their 0-3 advantage against APEOL, Barcelona did not have such luck tonight and Mourinho would definitely light some good cigars tonight. Barcelona played their away match against Milan, who are obviously much more formidable than APEOL.

Two things which I would like to mention here about the match as a whole are:

  1. The pitch was a disaster. It was a disgrace. Whether Milan did that on purpose or it was just a coincidence hence it had to happen on the day Barcelona came to San Siro to play their quarter final match of the Champions League, is a debatable issue.
  2. Milan hacked and slashed at Lionel Messi which roughed him up and he could not play his normal game tonight. Even without experienced defenders like Abate and Thiago Silva. Abate’s speed was really missed tonight.


Lionel Messi did not have his best game and that was quite evident. Even if we take the hard tackling defending of Milan away, just for the sake of argument,LionelMessididlosepossessionoftheballalot of times by his lofty standards and the two free kicks near the penalty area where nothing less than utter disasters.

Milan had their opportunities as well to go 1-0 or may be even 2-0 up in the first 20 or 30 minutes but they could not capitalize on their easy chances.

Barcelona did not have the amount of chances that they normally have against lesser teams but you could make the point that the pitch was really bad and that worked in favor of Milan as Barcelona were unable to play their tikki takka football.