Barcelona's Lionel MEssi

Barcelona were lucky they came out with a draw last night instead of a 2-0 loss (photo by cwagner)


Just a quick post about the articles being published on a popular website, known by the name of

It seems that if most of the writers on this site, if not all, are pure Barcelona fans. I mean, the match last night was a pretty good match. Milan vs Barcelona did not have as many goals as one would have wanted to see but all in all it was an even contest.

But I have been able to read on is that , it was Barcelona’s fault that Milan are still in this tie. I mean, Milan did defend very well and I like a defensively organized team equally, if not more, as a free flowing attacking team which is Barcelona.

Why do we have to blame Milan or Real Madrid for that matter, for playing defensively better than Barcelona. Who said defending is bad and attacking is good?

I know most of the people on earth like attacking football but for some, discipline and the will to fight and justify your place in the team matters a bit more.

And about the two penalty incidentswhichgoal.comclaimswere”twoclearpenalties”.Areyoukidding me. This is Champions League we are talking about, if 5 referees, 2 of them at point blank range, cannot figure out if that was a penalty or not then how can we just sit at home, watch it 15 times on the television and then come out and say that Barcelona deserved two penalties.

I am not a huge fan of the blame game but there had been cases where other teams should have had a penalty awarded against Barcelona throughout the season which one would think were more clear than the ones is talkingabout.