Benzema of Real Madrid

Benzema's brace sees Real Madrid take the lead (Photo By Jan Solo)

Happy day for Real Madrid fans as Real Madrid thrashed APEOL 0-3 and that too away from home which means that, at the home leg Real Madrid can relax and really play aggressively without worrying about the result of the match.

Benzema scored two goals and one goal was scored by Kaka. Kaka provided the assist for the first goal which was scored by Benzema. Marcelo put the pass wide to Kaka who put in a glorious cross for Benzema who headed the ball into the goal.

Real Madrid got the lead and the flood gates really opened after that. For the first 60 minutes of so, Real Madrid were creating a lot of chances but none had bore fruit. Ronaldo tried hard from the wings all night but did not get anything.

Ronaldo also missed some fairly standard chances in the later stages of the game. I was not able to see the first half but it didseemlikeRonaldowastryingtoohard,somethingwhichhe is accused of in every important away game.

Real Madrid dominated from the start and the score line is probably fair. APEOL defended with two lines of four and were disciplined but when you play against players like Ozil, Ronaldo, Benzema and Kaka, and that too in one single team, then you are bound to get weary and nervous and hence make a mistake, then concede a goal. Which is exactly what APEOL did.

Anyway, coming back to thegoalsscored.The2ndgoalwasscoredbyKakaafteragoodrunfromMarceloonthewings.MarcelosomehowmanagedtoputalowcrossintotheboxandKaka