him in the form of Jose Mourinho.

Why would Ronaldo leave Real Madrid for Chelsea or Milan of all the other great teams. He will not go to Chelsea. That is almost a certainty for various reasons. One being that he would not want to play against Manchester United in the EPL. Secondly, he already has played in the EPL and hence there would be little to no attractionforhimtoplaythereapartfrommakingaheroic comeback to Manchester United and then guiding them to another Champions League glory.

He would not to go Milan this summer. He might go to Milan after 2 or 3 years when he would have won something substantial with Real Madrid. After all, Ronaldo is a mercenary. He admits it himself in interviews. He thinks of a football career as a series of cycles. You play at a club, you make your name at that club and then you go away.

Ronaldo will be remembered as the greatest Manchester United player of all time. He is well on his way to achieving that in a Real Madrid jersey, going to Milan and being a legend there would make him one of the greatest players of all time.

Messi is far from ever reaching that feet because he is too obsessed with Barcelona. No one will ever know how Messi’s career would have panned out in EPL or in Serie A.

What do you guys think? Should every player be like Ronaldo or like Messi in terms of the loyalty to their respective clubs?