Real Madrid's RonaldoHe is an asset for Real Madrid (Photo By Jan Solo)

Believe it or not, there is actually a possibility of Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid this summer for some other big club, according to some media that is. Ronaldo has scored more than a hundred goals for Real Madrid with a lot less games and has recently shattered the record for the fastest century of goals in La Liga for Real Madrid or any other La Liga team.

Real Madrid has a great squad and are competing for all the big trophies this year. He is being paid well and is getting all the playing time in the world. The coach seems to be happy with him and he is scoring a lot of goals in the system with which Real Madrid play.

Despite all these positives, some people believe that Ronaldo is a mercenary and just like he left Manchester United, he will also leave Real Madrid this summer.

I beg to differ. Ronaldo will not leave Real Madrid unless he has won the Champions League with Real Madrid at least twice or has scored the most number of goals in Real Madrid’srichhistory.HeleftRealMadridbecauseheneverreally was accepted by the fans after the Rooney incident after the world cup.

He also left Manchester United because he had won everything with Manchester United and had shattered nearly all goal scoring records while playing as a winger, not like Messi who plays as we wishes wherever he wishes. Ronaldo also I think wanted a break from the atmosphere of England. All the rain, no sun and shops closing early.

In Spain, the weather and perhapseveryotherthingisalmostthesameasinhishomecountryPortugal.Heisenjoyingthebestscoringstreakofhislifeandhehasagreatmantocoach