cartoon of C.Ronaldo

(Photo by Roberto Machado)

Just to touch upon a popular opinion about Ronaldo amongst most people, even Real Madrid fans and especially Barcelona fans, which is that ‘Ronaldo never performs against Barcelona’.

Obviously, if I am writing a post about it, that means I have got a position on this issue as well and my position is that, that claim is absolutely incorrect.

Ronaldo may not have performed against Barcelona to the levels that Messi performs with against Real Madrid but he does put in a pretty good shift every time he steps on the field for Real Madrid against an opponent, and Barcelona is no exception.

He has been unlucky many times against Barcelona. Messi has been very lucky against Real Madrid. Most of the times,Ronaldohashadtoplayinasuperdefensiveformation against Barcelona while Messi has had the luxury of the Barcelona way of football which remains the same against any team in the world.

So I think it would unjust to compare Messi vs Real Madrid and Ronaldo vs Barcelona as both are different players and play in different systems. Barcelona are, as always, relying on Messi to create goals and to score goals whilethesituationisnotthesameat