the right or with the left foot. He just goes all guns blazing whenever he has the ball. He tricks people and then he tries to score with speed, aggression and a lot of power. That though good on one hand, puts some bad constraints on Ronaldo’s game.

From certain angle Ronaldo cannot score and from many position he has to beat 2 players just because he does not want to chip the ball. Look at Messi, he is scoring goals withachipfromtheleftfootortherightfoot for fun this season.

That is why in many situation defenders would be able to cut any other player off, they are not able to cut Messi off as he has like 3 or 4 options to finish from a given angle. That also makes life hell for goal keepers because with Ronaldo they know the ball is going to come at them like a heat seeking rocket.

But with Messi, the ball becomes a smart ball and the keeper just has to guess what Messi is going to do with his finish.

Anyway, this post was not meant to be a comparison between Ronaldo and Messi again. I am just glad the gap between Barcelona and Real Madrid did not close this time. Real Madrid still lead Barcelona by 6 points and there are like 10 or 9 games left. Real Madrid can do it but they must save 3 points for the Barcelona game because that is a game Real Madrid is likely to lose, with a little less than ideal score line.