Real Madrids Ronaldo

Ronaldo gets a brace(Photo from Jan Solo)

Real Madrid are back on track on in La Liga. Barcelona won their away game 0-2 and quite extraordinarily, Lionel Messi of Barcelona did not score. Don’t have a clue how that happened.

Anyway, Real Madrid won their match at home against Real Sociedad quite comfortably 5-1 without Ronado scoring twice along with Benzema who also scored twice after Higuain had opened up the scoring sheet.

Real Madrid played with Ronaldo, Benzema, Higuain and Kaka are the front and I think this is the best formation Real Madrid can play with. I think Real Madrid should always start with this formation on away games. At home, I think Mourinho likes to take more risks and rotate the starting line up a little bti which is always a good thing as Mourinho does not want any tried legs in this crucialstageoftheseason.

Thatisprobablythereasonwhyafter a long time indeed, Ronaldo did not see out his 90 minutes. He was subbed, yes he was.

Benzema was the best player of the match for Real Madrid along with Ronaldo. Both of them got themselves 2 goals and all of them were quite well deserveds. Benzema’s both goals showed a lot of class and I think in terms of skill level he is on par with Ronaldo.

The little problem with Ronaldo is that he doesnotknowhowtochipeitherwith