He is the best of the best (Photo by Adidas Italy)


Okay, I cannot take this anymore. I think I have to explain myself a little bit now. Messi has been playing like a Superman this season, he was playing like a man from another planet for the past 3 seasons but Ronaldo did manage to put heat on him. This season, as much as I have tried to deny the fact that Messi has surpassed Ronaldo in ways that no one else has, the fact remains that Messi is the best of the best (and I will be using that phrase a lot in the rest of the post). Heck Messi has surpassed all of the past greats in my humble opinion.

I don’t feel like betraying Real Madrid by praising Messi for his footballing skills, but Messi has just done so many magical things time and time again this season alone that I just cannot keep on comparing him to anyone in this era of football or any era of football.

Seriously, there is just no loophole in his CV, except that he has not played for any other club than Barcelona and has not won anything with Argentina but what he has done with Barcelona is just mind boggling.

Let me start of by saying that in my mind Messi is the greatest player who has ever lived. Pele was good, but he did not beat 6 or 7 players the way Messi does. I think all the previous great players were able to beat 2 defenders quite consistently, they would take on even 3 or 4 defenders on their day but with Messi , it is just insane.

He has been taking on and beating 5 or 6 defenders in every other match as far as I can remember. He does it in every match. The goalkeeper, the other team and the goal posts, are all just waiting there, watching Messi come closer and closer and praying for the ball to somehow not end up in the back of the net.

His runs are uncontainable, his passes are unstoppable, his vision is unmatchable, his speed is unconquerable.

His shooting is probably the only thing where you can say that there have been other players who have had a better shot on them than Lionel Messi, apart from that, this guy is made of gold and nothing else.


I thought Ronaldo was good, the Brazilian one, I thought Pele was unstoppable, but this guy Messi, beats so many players and scores so many goals and that too in la Liga.

I think Messi should just leave Barcelona and join EPL, and then shut all people (including myself) once and for all because lets be honest, no one can stop Messi from winning the world cup with Argentina if Messi stays at anywhere near the level he is currently playing at.

I mean, he can score goals from the right, from the left, from the head, from the back, with the chip from the left and from the right which honestly I have not seen any other player do. C.Ronaldo cannot even make a chip with his right foot let alone thinking about it and pulling it off with his left foot.

Messi has performedandmostofthetimesscoredinallofthe important matches in his career so far, he is just 24 and that is even more remarkable. He has scored in all major stages still at the age of 24 which I think only Ronaldo (Brazillian one) and Pele have done. The only thing (which is a big question mark to be honest on one hand) which Messi has not done is win the world cup. Pele was able to do it when he was 19, which is probably why he is currently sitting pretty at the top of footballing legends but is seriously being threatened by Messi.

In terms of beating players and scoring wonder goals, I think Messi has at the very least matched Pele, which automatically means that he has run past all other greats such as Maradona, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Zidane, FIgo, Cruyff, Best, etc etc.

In terms of winning trophies and scoring most number of goals, he has not surpassed Pele and lets be honest (again) guys, if Messi wins the world cup once or twice in his career which is very possible as he is just 24 right now, he would be the ultimate greatest player of all time.

In terms of beating player at will, I think he is even now, the greatest player of all time by some margin. Not even Pele beat players with the ease and consistency that Messi does. Ronaldo and Maradonna are about two levels below the level of Pele when it comes to beating players and Messi is another two level above Maradonna.

I think provided Messi remains fit, he would surpass Pele’srecordofscoring1200goalsandintheprocesswintheworldcupalongwithChampionsLeaguemultipletimes.