just bad. As was the referee in the match between Real Madrid vs Malaga last week.

Real Madrid were basically robbed in both the games. Real Madrid conceded the equalizing goals in both the game after 82 minutes. Both the equalizing goals from the opposition came from free kicks.

I do not want to jump to sudden conclusions, but Iker Casillas conceded a pretty soft free kick in yesterdays match. Though, last weekend’s free kick late equalizer was not really his fault, that would be too harsh on him I think, but he does needs to improve his reflexes andheisnotgettinganyyounger.

IsayRealMadridshould start looking for replacements.

To sum up, Messi is playing like Superman right now and scoring goals for fun. In fact, Messi is scoring GREAT GOALS, while beating tons of defenders for fun at the moment and on the other hand Ronaldo is having to work his socks off to even score a single goal in a match, which is pretty amazing in itself but when compared to Lionel Messi, its about half as good as Messi scored at least 2 goals in every match if not 3 or 4 or even 5.

I hope Real Madrid can maintain their league in this weekends fixture, otherwise Barcelona is going to be all over us. I think Barcelona will win their away game this weekend simply because of Messi’s unreal form. Otherwise Messi and Barcelona usually flop at away games.

Real Madrid needs to get its act together. Too many players are just hanging in there during matches. We need to see more intensity in these matches and more risks being taken from the players.

Seriously, get Arbeloa off the right back position. Play Varane in the middle and Sergio Ramos on the right or play Lass as right back. Real Madrid is almost bleeding from that side in every game Arbeloa has featured there. The guy sucks, enough said.

HALA MADRID and do let me know your thoughts on Real Madrid suddenly dropping 4 points in 2 games and hence giving a glimmer of hope to Barcelona. I am all ears now.