Villareal playing agaisnt REal Madrid

Real Madrid slip up bad (Photo by Joevare)


The title of the post exactly describes Real Madrid’s situation at home. 10 days ago Real Madrid had 13 point lead over Barcelona, now 10 days later, Real Madrid has a lead of just 6 points over Barcelona. All thanks to a draw with Malaga at home 4 days ago and a draw away from home yesterday against Villareal.

In both the games Real Madrid had a lot of chances to finish off the game which Real Madrid did not take and hence paid the price of losing 4 point lead over Barcelona. Worst of all, Barcelona won both of their matches this week in comprehensive manner.

Not only that, Messi scored majestic goals in both of these games. Do not get me wrong but I still hold that Messi is not the greatest player of all time. What is this obsession of people trying to label other people greatest or the worst, I will never fully understand perhaps. With that said, I do think Messi has now gone on another level and Ronaldo should no more be compared with Messi.

That subject demands another post , right now, I just wanted to share my feelings at the moment about Real Madrid’s position. Currently we have a six point lead over Barcelona, which is substantial one. But, assuming Real Madrid lose to Barcelona at Camp Nou later on in the season (which Real Madrid willwithaprobabilityof90percent)theninrealityour lead is just 3 points.

Which obviously means that one more slip up means that Real Madrid would hand the title to Barcelona because the form Messi is in, I do not think Barcelona are going to drop anymore points. Messi has even started to score goals away from home now and that is never a good sign.

Barcelona also have the easier of the draw in Champions League this season when compared to Real Madrid. Sure they have AC Milan up next and Real Madrid will be taking it to APEOL, a mini team if you will, but after that Real Madrid would probably get Bayern Munich, who look to be a team that wants and is talented enough to win Champions Leaguethisseason.