Real Madrids Benzema

Benzema is our key player at the moment(Photo by TheDailySportsHerald)


Few words before Real Madrid take it to the field at Real Betis’s homeground tonight. Real Madrid still lead Barcelona by 10 points in La Liga and we are looking strong in Champions League too.

Messi’s five goals in one game against Bayern Leverkusen is not going to help Barcelona’s situation. All goals were good goals, I was particularly impressed with the right foot chip over the keeper. I do not think even Ronaldo has that kind of a touch on his right foot.

But, with all due respect to Bayern Leverkusen and their coaching staff, their team was shit and the goalkeeper was the worst thing I have ever seen in a Champions League match. There was a lot more that goalkeeper could have done in both of Lionel Messi’s chip shots.

And I am certainly not going to go into the details of his horrific ball handling and parrying technique when he gifted Messi the easiest goal of the night. Yes it was a tight angle but that does not change the fact that it was a poor goalconcededbyBayernLeverkusenormorespecificallybytheirpoor goalkeeper.

Real Madrid will play their home game some time next week against Dynamo Kiev and lets see what Ronaldo has got in store for us in that match. I am sure he would be willing to answer Messi at his level.

I particularly wanted to reject any statements made by anyone of Messi being the greatest player of all time or even at the moment. He has to play for another team, in another continent without Xavi and Iniesta and a big Barcelona ground on his back.

Just goes to show what I always say,MessialwaysscoreshisbestgoalsathomeinCampNou.WhereRonaldohasscoredfantasticawaygoalsineverystageofeverycompetition.