is just a wonderful player when it comes to one on ones with the defenders and can produce some magic in the midfield which even Cristiano Ronaldo is not good at.

  • Since it is an away game, Marcelo should not be played. Coentrao is not any better but at least he is considerate about when to go forward and when not. Marcelo just goes forward on every situation that he sees fit to go forward which leaves Real Madrid a bit shaky at the back.
  • Rayo Vallecano will be playing a defensive game and that is a given. Not their faultreally.IwouldlikeMourinhotogivehismena good workout before the game about how to play air balls and the like. Real Madrid will definitely be attacking against a ten man wall in front of the goal and it is not easy to break this kind of defensive play except for playing good air balls. Higuain and Ronaldo both have the physical presence to be good in the air and hence Real Madrid need to utilize this asset.
  • Real Madrid needs to play an attacking brand of football for the first few minutes (say like 10) in order to push back Rayo Vallecano and dent their hopes of attacking the Real Madrid penalty box regularly throughout the game.
  • Lastly, if possible try not to play Arbeloa at right back. He does not have enough quality. He is slow on the ball and woeful when going forward. I know Real Madrid have not got too much options for the right back position but I think lassana Diarra would play 2 times better than Arbeloa at right back. Plus, that would free up a slot in the midfield and hence Khedira along with Grenaro can get more playing time. Play Diarra on the right back. He has got good defensive abilities and has got decent speed, plus he can aid the attackers as well when the opportunity arises instead of just cutting back the ball inside every time an opponent comes near as in case of Arbeloa.