Rayo Vallecano vs Real Madrid

Another Opportunity for Real Madrid to put La Liga question to rest(Photo by Jexweber.fotos)


Real Madrid will have the opportunity of getting ahead of Barcelona by 13 points tonight. Real Madrid play their away match against Vallecano about 5 hours earlier than Barcelona would play their away match against Atletico Madrid.

For once I hope Atletico Madrid can put up a decent performance against Barcelona. I think their desire to see Real Madrid burn has made them so low that they would do anything to support what would cause Real Madrid trouble.

This is the reason why Atletico has never really put up a fight against Barcelona as Barcelona is always neck and neck with Real Madrid. It is also true that Atletico Madrid have not beaten Real Madrid in the 21st century but there were a lot of matches where Real Madrid could have lost easily and were it not for some luck, Real Madrid would have lost many.

However, against Barcelona Atletico Madrid look like a tier 0 team. I hope they can put up a decent performance against Barcelona tonight.

Mourinho looks all set to snatch the La Liga title away from Barcelona. Real Madrid are ten points ahead but if you look at the interviews Mourinho and the rest of RealMadridpeoplearegiving,youwouldthinkthatRealMadrid are, at best, 1 point ahead of Barcelona instead of a mammoth 10 points.

Mourinho has stressed the fact that he would not let this lead slip up just like that. In other words, Barcelona can expect to fight for every point from here till the end if they want to win La Liga even though it is out of their hands. All Barcelona can do now is to win all their games and hope Real Madrid at least lose 3 games between now and the end of the season. Or draw 10 games which is very very unlikely.

Enough with the introductions, here are the five things Real Madrid must do today in order to extend theirleadto13pointsandkeepBarcelonaatbay:

  • PlayKakainmidfield.Heisthekindofplayerwhoyouneedwhenthechipsaredown,he