Spanish club team Real Madrid

Real Madrid in a good position at the moment (from flickr by Sam Kelly)


Hurah to every Real Madrid fan as Real Madrid increased their lead to a massive 10 points last week and look set to extend that this weekend as well. Real Madrid have been in fantastic form this season in every competition and only Barcelona have been able to stop Real Madrid winning titles, by cheating or on merit, depends on who you ask. If you ask me, then obviously, I would say that on merit Barcelona were able to equal Real Madrid but by cheating Barcelona were able to beat Real Madrid.

Real Madrid got robbed in Copa Del Ray at Camp Nou again this season after the robbing in Champions League last season. Sergio Ramos’s perfect header goal was disallowed at Camp Nou and that could have won the tie for Real Madrid. Anyhow, the fact is that Real Madrid are out of Copa Del Ray now and Barcelona are in the finals.

Barcelona is probably going to win the Copa Del Ray this season after they got beat by Real Madrid to the title last season. There has been some controversy about where the final should be held, some were of the view that the final should be played at the best location possible and that was Real Madrid’s home ground Bernabeu, fans and past players have rejected this proposal as Barcelona are in the final.

Anyway, that is another discussion, right now lets focus on Barcelona who have basically dented their chances of winning the league this seasonprettybadlyafterlosingtheirgameawayfromhomelast week. This is the problem Barcelona has right now, they cannot win games away from home, even at home they are having difficulty in beating La Liga teams, I wonder how they always manage to up their game whenever they face Real Madrid and wherever they face Real Madrid.

Messi again was not able to deliver last weekend but made up for his mistakes in the Champions League clash where Barcelona won away from home 1-3 and that basically means Barcelona will progress to the quarter finals of Champions League. Real Madrid will play their Champions League knockout match next Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on where you live) and should look to end it in the first leg as that would put pressure off the players and hencetheywillbeabletorelaxandperformwithmoreauthorityonthepitch.