Who will come on top this time (Photo from Keith Williamson)


Well to be honest with you guys, I have got no idea what is going to happen in tomorrow’s game. We can say whatever we want to but I think if the last 10 games are anything to go by, as far as El Clasicos are concerned, then we cannot really predict how tomorrow’s game is going to go.

The one thing we can predict (if we absolutely want to) is that Barcelona is going to win. They have beaten Real Madrid a lot in the previous 4 years even though there have been many matches where Real Madrid would have won if we Real Madrid had played a standard game.

Marcelo’s mistakes have cost us (effectively speaking)alotofElClasicosandIamagainbegging Mourinho to not to play Marcelo. Play Arbeloa (if magically his red card appeal is a success, if not then play Coentrao).

Anyway, tomorrow is the big game. I am full of confidence that finally luck will be on our side and Real Madrid will beat Barcelona as Real Madrid should have in the past 3 or 4 meetings.

I think Barcelona are going to attack andRealMadridwillplaytheir