Barcelona player Lionel Messi

The king (From thesportreview)

Barcelona have won like 15 trophies in the past 3 or 4 seasons. All of them came under Guardiola.Even though he has done no work to get Barcelona to this stage (or at best, he has done very little work as in my opinion Cryuff and Rijkaard were major contributors to the current status of football club Barcelona) where Barcelona are just murdering teams home and away.

The most noticeable defeats of Barcelona in the past 3 or 4 years have come from the hands of Real Madrid in the Copa Del Ray Final, from the hands of Inter Milan (coached by Jose Mourinho) two years ago in the Semi Final (or was it quarters) of the Champions League. Barcelona have just stuck to their philosophy of entertaining their fans with huge signings and huge talents from their youth academy which is probably the best in the world right now and in the process getting the results as well.

Real Madrid have lost like 8 games of the past 10 against Barcelona and currently the only hope this world hastooverthrowBarcelonaisRealMadridandnooneelse.

What makes Barcelona so tough to beat, why do teams succumb to their might so easily? Here are 3 of the many reasons why Barcelona have won so much in the past 3 or 4 years whether deserving or undeserving.

  1. It is quite straight forward, apart from Real Madrid no one can match or even come close to this Barcelona squad. The shear quality of their players is just cut above the rest. They have the best players playing at each and every position of their starting line up. Their bench maynotbethestrongestonpaperasithostsplayersfromtheiryouthacademybuttheirbenchdoeswhatitissupposedtodo.Each