Real Madrid looked like Real Madrid B (From Jan Solo)

Real Madrid might have won the match but lets be honest here, Real Madrid played crap for the whole match. They did not impose themselves enough and were far to conservative in their approach to this game. Even when Real Madrid had the lead for the last 20 odd minutes, we could not maintain possession and kept on losing the ball time and time again. If this standard remains then Barcelona would thrash us 5-0 again in midweek Copa Del Ray match. Before Kaka’s introduction (who played absolutely a vital role in Real Madrid’s comeback by making his trademark runs and one touch creative passing) Real Madrid looked like losing this game by 2 or 3 goals, nobody felt comfortable on the ball.

Nobody wanted to take action and take charge of the game, it was only due to the mastermind Mourinho that Real Madrid were able to use their subs wisely and hence change the game. Higuain and Kaka looked very confident and direct on the ball. Higuain’s shot which required self belief brought Real Madrid back into the game and Kaka’s amazing runs put some doubt into the hearts of a well organized Mallorca defense.

Here are my player ratings for the match:

Casillas 7: Could not have done more. The goal he conceded was the fault of the defense and not his. Made some good saves and generally looked calm and relaxed.

Marcelo 4: Was poor throughout the match before being subbed at half time by Mourinho. Though Mourinho will say otherwise,the fact is that he subbed Marcelo for his poor performance. Marceloa was, his usual, poor in defense but strangely enough he was as poor in attack tonight as he was in defense. He could not get into the attacking half of Mallorca and when he did, he lost possession. For me, the first goal was his fault as he was miles off his position. Mourinho, please be wise and do not start with Marcelo against Barcelona. He almost killed off the game for Real Madrid by conceding that second goal at the 60th minute markIthinkbutitwaswronglyjudgedoffsidebythe linesman, had that been allowed it would have been curtains for Real Madrid and would have been all due to the services of Marcelo.

Pepe 7: Had a nice and solid game. Looked good on the ball and his distribution was pretty solid too. His clearance ability is very very good now, he can clear the ball almost from any position. He can clear it backwards, while running and also during all the confusion inside the box. Held the offside line pretty well.

Sergio Ramos 6.5: He also looked calm and relaxed, his distribution was also good and had a goal disallowed. Someone told me that, the goal was legit, but hye, Real Madrid won and that is all that matters. Did not make any mistakes and looked very alert for the counter attacking Mallorca.

Arbeloa 3: Was shit in defense and shit while attacking. Had no creativity. Had no sense. Lacked the sharpness required to be a right back and was just horribly horrible while attacking. Always got himself shut on the wings and then turned back to playtheballbacktothedefensewhichbasicallykilledoffRealMadridmoveswhichwouldhaveprovedusefulhadRamosbeenthere.