Barcelona's Xavi

He is a coward (From Flickr)

Please try to read the title of this post in context. Xavi is a good player, what I mean by the title is that he is not as good as FIFA (aka Barcelona’s eternal friend) rank or think him to be. Continuing from my Ballon Dor Joke post, I noticed that Xavi has been ranked amongst the top 5 players in the world for the past 4 or 5 years now and I am bemused by that. Xavi is a simple Barcelona player who has been at the club for many years and is now a senior in the Barcelona dressing room. He is so old that he has even played with Guardiola, the guy who coaches Barcelona now. Lets cut to the chase, here are the 3 reasons why I think Xavi is so overrated.

  1. Exactly why has he been awarded the 2nd position two times and other top positions for the past half a decade or so, is a mystery to me. One reason could be that he plays for Barcelona, who in turn play for UEFA as UNICEF is the sponsor on Barcelona jerseys for which Barcelona plays1millioneurostoUNICEFeveryyearout of their own pockets. The only thing Xavi is good at is horizontal passing and turning. He has a good sense of the game and nice ball control, but that is so common amongst player who play in his position. Prime example is Xabi of Real Madrid, but his passing range is way more than of Xavi. All Xavi does is, he takes the ball, looks up and if he sees a defender coming he turns around 360 like a pussy cat and passes to his defenders or his goalkeeper, something which Makalele was a master of,why did he not get any nominations for being the best player in the world?I don’tknow.
  2. Second