Barcelona vs Real Madrid

There is a way to beat Barcelona too (From Jan Solo)

Real Madrid will have to play Barcelona 3 times this season again and that is assuming the fact that Real Madrid do not face Barcelona in the Champions League. If that happens too then we will have to play Barcelona five times in the next 6 months and a mammoth 8 times in a single season.

So it is obvious that we need to beat Barcelona to win any title this season. People are giving their complex analysis of how to beat Barcelona (one way is to play like Italians as Schuster, Capello and Mourinho have shown) and the other is to play attacking football which Real Madrid played in their last 3 games against Barcelona and lost all of them) but I have some simple no brainer steps that can help Real Madrid beat Barcelona.

Icouldtalkforhoursonhowweneed to stop Messi and the like but here are some easy and some general steps (which require no major changes) which Mourinho can turn to right now in order to beat Barcelona because Real Madrid were inch close of beating Barcelona in the last 4 encounters. Small changes and I think Real Madrid will be able to beat this Barcelona side.

These steps are:

  1. Do not play Marcelo and Coentrao as leftandrightbacksrespectively.Both