He is going to suck in Europe (from flickr)

Everybody seems to be talking about Neymar these days. He skills and dribbles on the ball have caught the attention for every major club in the world and Barcelona along with Real Madrid are said to be at the forefront in a long queue of clubs who want to sign Neymar.

Big asking price from Santos has ensured that no club in the world gets its hands on Neymar, or may be they just set a high price because they know that clubs like Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City will pay anything for a hot player. Neymar has been compared with many of the past greats of football such as Ronaldo and the like. Amongst current generation of star soccer plays, Neymar is said to be a mixture of C.Ronaldo and Messi.

Both of which he is not. He is not Messi, not like Messi. He is not Ronaldo and not like Ronado. I said that on purpose because I want to clear the minds of the readers from what Santos is trying to sell to the whole world which is a hyped upscrewboyofaplayerin the shape of Neymar.

He will not be successful in any of the big leagues. There are many reasons for that and both old Ronaldo and Pele have admitted that as good as Neymar is, he has got a lot of work to do in order to succeed at the highest level. Barcelona made him look ordinary at the World Clup Cup Championship, where he could not go past players as he is accustomed to back at Brazil.

Here are 3 reasons why I think that Neymar is just going to be another Robinho, that is, a one hit wonder, a potential thatnevergotactualized.Thereasonsare:

  1. Hecannotcomposehimselfagainstdefendersorevenattackerswhoarephysicalandaggressive.