Ronaldo of Real Madrid

Ronaldo setting himself up for a trademark run (From Jan Solo)

Yes, I just called the FIFA Ballon Dor award a joke. At least for the past 3 years it has been more than just true. Why are UEFA and FIFA so biased for Barcelona and Messi? I do not know. I will not say the things which Mourinho said about Barcelona when they beat Real Madrid in the semi finals of the Champions League in 2011 which was as unfair match as you can probably get (….nope….hang on.. there was also that Chelsea vs Barcelona match in the Champions League where Chelsea were denied 4 clear cut penalties in a single match, which is nothing less than insane).

I won’t say Barcelona get payed or pay FIFA or UEFA to be on their side in the big games but whatever. Here are the five points why I think FIFA Ballon Dor sucks and does not award the best player in the world on merit. Being the best player in the world is a lot more than just about scoring goals, winning trophies. It is about how valuable a player is to a team , how is the team in which that player plays and how much support he has from his teammates amongst a host of other factors.

  1. Messi did not deserve his 1st award of BallonDor.Sneijderbyahugemargin deserved that one. He did a treble with Inter, which did not have fantastic players like Barcelona have and Sneijder had to work pretty hard to make that team work. It was due to Sneijder that Holland got the the finals of the World Cup. I do not know what else a guy can do to win that award. Messi won it purely on the basis of goals scored. Ronaldo has the better goal scoring ratio but still Messi won.
  2. If scoring goals was the criteria, then Ronaldo should have won this years award as he had scored more goals than Messi in less games. Ronaldo scored them playing for Real Madrid which do