The debate of who is the better player between Ronaldo vs Messi might never end but then again, which debate ever has ended in a logical factual conclusion. Some people even have the audacity to compare Pele and Maradonna even though Pele is clearly the better player, individually and collectively.

Anyway, this post is not about who is better between Pele and Maradonna, this post is about two player of this generation. Messi and Ronaldo. Both have performed to outrageously high levels and continue to do so season after season, which obviously is the stuff of legends.

No matter what happens, both will go down as among the best players of their generation, Ronaldo particularly. So who has been the better player so far this season. In my opinion, it has been Ronaldo and I will shortly explain in five easy short points of why I think that. Ronaldo has been the second best player behind Messi for the past 3 seasons I think, at least that is what FIFA thought(thoughitwaswrong,asFIFA’s criteria of naming the best player in the world is just ridiculous). So here are the five reasons.

  1. Even though Messi has scored 23 club goals this season and Ronaldo has scored only 17. Ronaldo has scored more important goals and much more difficult goals then of Messi.
  2. Ronaldo goals have been, by far, more varied then of Messi. the latter can barely touch the ball with his right foot and forget about him hitting a header. Ronaldo on