• 3rdreasonisthatwehaveRonaldo.BarcelonahasMessibutRealMadridhasRonaldo.Ronaldo is the ultra modern player, the future solider. Messi is a dying breed. Ronaldo is strong, fast, wide, powerful, has great technique, two footed piece of machine that can hurt opposition from any place on the football field and can adjust into any given system. The only player that rivals him is Messi but he is one dimensional and has not tested himself in different systems. He is just too scared of losing his team chemistry and hence goal scoring rate which he has at Barcelona. I think if Messi wants to become the best, he has to leave Barcelona and perform fornationalsidetoo.Ronaldohasdone both of these way before Messi. Messi has scored more goals this season but that is also due to the fact that Ronaldo has been an unselfish player this season. He has setup his teammates a lot of times and has helped out in the defense as well.
  • Fourth reason is that Real Madrid have made the most profit in a single year amongst all top clubs. Real Madrid is an international brand and its a name that sells. People buy Real Madrid, people sell Real Madrid, people just love Real Madrid. Real Madrid edged out Barcelona even though it has been Barcelona that has been everything for the past few seasons. Still, Real Madrid name is extremely powerful throughout the footballing world.
  • Fifth reason is that Real Madrid has got the most balanced squad in the world at the moment. Mourinho has literally got two world class players for each position and we have a lot of depth in our squad which is something that Barcelona cannot even claim. Barcelona just give the ball to Messi to lead them to victories. Real Madrid does a lot of work for its goals and it shows in the way Real Madrid score them. From everywhere unlike Barcelona which can only score through Messi and through ground. Not too much variation.
  • What do you guys think. Is Real Madrid the best club in the world at the moment or not.?