Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho

Mourinho has got a plan.

Just quickly I am going to list 5 reasons why I think Real Madrid is currently the number 1 team in the world. Number 1 not in Spain, not in Europe, not in Africa, but in the whole wide world. Real Madrid is the biggest and the best. Here is why:

  1. I think that is quite obvious. Real Madrid currently sit at top of La Liga ahead of Barcelona which is a pretty big achievement in itself. We are one point ahead of them and have scored exactly the same amount of goals as Barcelona have scored. But Real Madrid has conceded more often but that is better as that gives the fans something to be anxious about and this makes the Real Madrid experience so unique. Milan, Manchester and to some extent Barcelona just want to pummel their oppositions. Real Madrid more than any other of these clubs, gives the small teams some hope when they concede early. Not saying Real Madrid does that on purpose, its just that Real Madrid knows how to put on a show in more ways than any other club can.
  2. 2nd reason is that because we are being considered as the strongest side in Europe this season. Barcelona have not looked that great this season and have been pretty lucky to get some draws out of sure losses but then again, that ishowfootballgoes.Everyonewillremember that Barcelona won the La Liga and Champions League last season but no one will remember how they won it and how it was unfair to Real Madrid in the end. Real Madrid have not conceded a single goal this season in Champions League and that is quite a feat given that sides like Lyon are in the same group as Real Madrid. We have scored ten goals and have won all our matches. Only Barcelona has scored more goals than Real Madrid this season at Real Madrid. No one has conceded less or even equal to Real Madrid and that is what Mourinho was brought in for. Water tight unbreakable defense which is able to win tournaments,