Mourinho of Real Madrid

Mourinho is the commander at Real Madrid(Photo by Paul Bence)

To people who think Real Madrid squad has revolted against Jose Mourinho, Xabi Alonso has said that such a situation does not even exist. Alonso has basically laughed off suggestions indicating to a revolt against Jose Mourinho. Quite honestly, I did not believe this for one second the first time I read this.

This revolt of players thing just does not happen with Mourinho in charge. He has never had player problems in his past. Any particular player who does not like him usually ends up leaving the club. Mourinho has coached the likes of Chelsea and Porto along with Inter Milan. He built some great squads with these teams and never had squad revolt against him, hell he has not come even close to that.

One of the greatest strengths of Jose Mourinho always has been his skill in communicating with people and his organization. He knows these players a bit too well to know what upsets them and what does not. Not to say Mourinho tries to make everyone happy, but he knows how to keep everyone on their toes especially when it comes to getting regular first team football.

Infact, I think this whole revolt thing is just a reaction of the media against Real Madrid after Real Madrid posted bad resultsinthelast2games,where we lost once to Levante away from home 1-0, which was quite a shock and even Levante’s director said that, this was the greatest moment in Levante’s history and the other was a draw against another small team of which I can’t remember the name.

Real Madrid were odds on favorites to win these and not only win these, Real Madrid were expected to win these two matches by mauling the opposition with wave after wave of high intensity attacking football. Don’t know what happened but Real Madrid just could not produce well on these two nights. I am not going to mention the role of the referee at all in our two less than ideal results justacoupleofweeksback.