Real Madrid player Kaka

Ricardo Kaka scored a juicy goal agianst Zaragoza (Photo By Shine)

It has been revealed that Kaka’s exit from Real Madrid was actually blocked by none other than Jose Mourinho, perhaps that makes sense now that there is no one except him to give opinion on transfer matters. Kaka now wants to repay this faith by performing for Real Madrid this season.

Summer transfer window was tough for Real Madrid. Nobody actually wanted to buy our players even though they were quality players. I don’t know what is it about Real Madrid that ticks people off and they refuse to buy from Real Madrid. Same is the case when Real Madrid want to buy someone. Nobody wants to sell. They want to sell for double the price the player is actually worth.

I still remember Quaresma’s case. Real Madrid wanted to buy him (thank God Real Madrid did not because Quaresma has proved himself to be big game, big club and big league flop) from Porto who previously were prepared to let go of him for anything above 20 million. Real Madrid came in and Porto suddenly wanted anything above 40 million. What is the logic in that?

May be they know that Real Madird usually get what they want. Real Madrid has got a lot of money and hence if they want to buy a player that bad, money is not something that would stop Real Madrid from buying the player. Anyway, so it was a tough period for Real Madrid. Kaka was one of the players who was expected to leave Real Madrid this summer window and frankly, part of me thought that he would be gone by August 30.

Thankfully no club wanted to pay 60 million for Kaka, hell no club even wanted to pay 30 million for a player of Kaka’s quality. Which is ridiculous when you consider the fact that Lukas Modric of Tottenahm Hotspur was valued around 40 million euros. I know he has more youth years when compared to Kaka, but Kaka is someone who can do things on his own, not like Ronaldo who wants a cool head with him or Messi who wants Xavi, Iniesta and Villa with him to score 40 odd goals every season.

Anyway, Kaka got lucky and did not get sold. No such luck for Pedro, Drenthe and Gago. Even worse luck for Lassana Diarra who is not wanted by Mourinho and on top of that, no club wanted to pay 20 million for the frenchman. I think 20 million is totally justified for Diarra but whatever.

Along with AC Milan would you believe that even PSG and Tottenahm Hotspur where interested. That would have certainly signaled the end of Kaka’s careerintopfootball.Kakanowsays that Mourinho talked with him a lot during these times and told him that he really really wanted Kaka to be a part of the Jose revolution at Real Madrid.

Kaka told the media that Mourinho said that he was counting on him and did not ask him neither Real Madrid to look for another club for Kaka. Kaka says that not only Mourinho but the rest of the staff also wanted thim to stay and improve his game at Real Madrid. People like Karanka and other players like Ronaldo, all said that they wanted Kaka to be a part of the team this season at the least.

Kaka is well on track to being his mercurial best now I think. He scored a peach of a goal against Zaragoza and generally looked pretty sharp for a player who has not had regular top flight football for 2 seasons.

Since now, there is no room for Diarra and Pedro is gone. Alonso we know is not going to play every game of the season, Nuri Sahin does not come back till November, so I am thinking that this is the ideal time for Kaka to shine and cement his place in the starting line up. All he has to do is to out work Oezil and Di Maria. Which I think he can no longer do in terms of work ethic. And Mourinho loves players who run all day long and then sting like a bee in attack.

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