a bit too inconsistent.

Drenthe was expected to go to Galatasaray but then went to Everton in another twist. Drenthe had a good start to his Real Madrid career and to his Hercules career as well but then a series of inconsistent performances along with some wage disputes with Hercules saw him leaving La Liga for EPL.

Third player to go was Pedro Leon. Already been told by Jose Mourinho to be a surplus to the requirements,hebasicallyhadnooptionbut to leave Real Madrid albeit on loan. He will not be coming back to Real Madrid’s starting line up unless he scored like 35-40 goals this season alone. He had a spat with Mourinho so for the most part, his Real Madrid career is over.

Getafe will have an option to buy him at the end of the season and I think they will. They sold him to Real Madrid for around 10 million euros and got him back for free for one season. They will probably pay around 4 million for him if Getafe do decide to buy him, so a straight 6 million euro profit, not bad if you ask me. Real Madrid again got screwed in the transfer market.

Don’t be surprised if they end up selling Pedro Leon to Real Madrid again for 10 million and then back for 4 million. What the heck are Real Madrid transfer department people doing? I am sure you all know this is not the first time or even the 100nth time Real Madrid have bought a sold a player for half the initial price inside the first 3 years of the player’s debut for Real Madrid.