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Before getting to the transfers that took place on the last day relating to Real Madrid, I must add that few hours ago Oezil said that Real Madrid were on the level of Barcelona especially after their result against Barcelona in Spanish SuperCup which Real Madrid lost unfortunately.

So these transfers do not really affect Real Madrid squad in any way as all the players who have left were surplus to the requirements and were told so by Jose Mourinho well in advance therefore I do not think they will be returning to Real Madrid next season.

First one to go on loan to Roma as Gago. Gago had been linked with Roma for a long time now relatively speaking, Real Madrid and Roma could not come to an agreement so hence decided to make a loan deal. Good for Gago, his place in Real Madrid squad were numbered the day Lassana Diarra was signed.

Gago will be gone for a year long loan to Roma who should rather considerthemselvesluckythataplayerof Gago’s quality has signed for them and that too on loan.

Reports had it that there was also the choice of buying Gago for 6 million euros but Roma did not take that as they did not have that much time to evaluate such offer. Real Madrid definitely need to cut their squad a bit short because it is a big too big right now.

Second player to leave and that too on a year long loan was Drenthe. He has gone to Everton of all the clubs. Everton just sold their best player in MikelArtetatoArsenalandhencewantedsomefreshyoungtalent.Drenthehasgottalentbutheis