Real Madrid's Iker Casillas Is friendly with Mourinho (From flckr)

Iker Casillas has denied any kind of problems with Jose Mourinho. The Real Madrid goalkeeper has said that he has had some disagreements with him but that does not mean that his relation with Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho is not good.

Casillas also said that he has good relations with everyone at the club and Jose Mourinho is a part of this club. Reports had it that Mourinho punished Casillas by not playing him in the Bernebeu trophy because of Casillas’s sympathies with Barcelona.

This along with the fact that Mourinho said in a recent interview that no one is untouchable in his Real Madrid squad andthatmayhavepointedtoCasillas who has been playing for the first team regularly for the past 12 years.

Obviously it is clear that there is no difference between the two as Casillas has backed Mourinho’s comments saying that anyone who thinks himself as being untouchable does not have a bright future at Real Madrid.

That tells me that there is no problems with Casillas and Mourinho.Whydosomesectionsof