Myquestionis,if he is as straight of a person that Mourinho says he is then why is he not being clear on the future of Kaka. Kaka has again been linked to AC Milan who are willing to pay 15 million euros for the player which is a joke if you think about the fact that Real Madrid payed 60 million for the player 2 years ago.

Mourinho used him extensively in the pre season but it looks like Kaka will still be warming thebencheswhenitcomestoregular season as Mourinho has said in a recent interview that he loves players like Kaka who are so good and yet are willing to sit on the bench. I did not get that statement. What does he want with Kaka. Surely he cannot be thinking about using Kaka as a super sub for the whole of next season, he is way better than that.

Apart from that, Di Maria has also expressed his opinion about Mourinho and has said that Mourinho has made him a better player. Mourinho has made him more aggressive and humble with and without the ball, just like Mourinho did with his former teams Chelsea and Inter Milan. These were not just teams, these were seasoned warriors who would fight for the ball till they drop.

What do you guys think about Mourinho’s action against Barcelona’s coach Tito, I think Barcelona deserved every inch of it.