Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho

Jose under some heavy fire (Photo from flickr)

Mourinho has been under the spotlight for quite a bit these past few days, more than usual that is, as he is rarely out of media attention at any time of the season. Speaking hours before Real Madrid’s match against Real Zaragoza, Mourinho said that the treatment he has received after he poked Tito (Barcelona’s coach or something, assistant I think), has been sort of like a bombardment.

Mourinho insists that he will not change the way he works or thinks. Spanish football authorities are looking to charge him and Real Madrid have been said to have engaged in activities to release the tensions, but Mourinho has got no such plans.

Mourinho has a unique take on the whole situation, he says, this is all partoflifeandthiswilldo him no harm as he has gotten used to this kind of a treatment from his past experiences.

Mourinho also thinks that his kind of people (people who are straight and fearless) lived 100 years ago. These times, it’s just is not the same he thinks. In the end he had a crack at Barcelona when he said that no matter what happens Barcelona always win, whether they deserve it or not. I am going to go with