Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos

(Photo By Jan Solo)

Sergio Ramos has said that Mourinho can count on his whole squad to back him up. Mourinho has come under heavy scrutiny for his actions against Barcelona few days ago in SuperCup final match at Camp Nou.

Real Madrid won against Galatasaray 2-1 last night and won the Bernebeu trophy which Ramos says is very important to them as it is their home trophy. Ramos scored the equalizer and Benzema scored the winner. Real Madrid will not play La Liga football this weekend, no other team would also. There still is some disagreement between players and La Liga authorities.

This could really hurt Real Madrids preparations I think. We need some kind of competitive football and God forbid if it comes to a point where Real Madrid and Barcelonahavenotplayedasinglematch before Champions League group stages, there could be some serious problems there for both teams.

Iker Casillas did not play or was rested for last nights match which Real Madrid won obviously. Mourinho has responded to some claims that he punished Casillas, for talking with Xavi and Carlos Puyol after the recent brawl, by saying that Casillas can talk with anyone he wants and it is noneofMourinho’sbusiness.