Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho

(From Flickr)

That is certainly something Ramon Calderon (former Real Madrid president) thinks. In an interview given Ramon Calderon said that Jose Mourinho acts like the president of Real Madrid and he is the president of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid and Barcelona had some ugly scenes few days ago at the end of the match for the SuperCup title and Mourinho was seen to poke some Barcelona people in the eye (ok, just one person, tito).

For that, people have suggested that Mourinho should be charged with some punishment. Ramon Calderon thinks that Jose Mourinho is destroying the image of Real Madrid and Perez needs to step in and give some public statement about how Real Madrid does not promote people to behave the way Mourinho did that day. I did not see anything wrong with it as Barcelona people also reacted similarly. Why isn’t anyone putting a finger on Villa or Pinto is beyond me.

Calderon also thinks that Mourinho may be about to leave Real Madrid as he is mercenary. That is something I must agree to partly, I do think he is a mercenary but I do not think he will leavenow.Hemightbesackedbut he will not leave as Mourinho has said in his recent interview where he stated that rumors of him leaving Real Madrid at this point in time are rubbish as he has formed a pretty good team now which can win titles within the next 2 years or so.

Ramon Calderon says that Mourinho did so at Chelsea and Inter and left them on bad terms. He is likely not to change that any time soon suggests Ramon Calderon.

Real Madrid have official said that they are surprised that Mourinho will be charged for his actions against Barcelona in the SuperCup final.