Iusedtobe an Arsenal fan as far as EPL went but then, Wenger said he had this mission of some sorts. I don’t know but since then he has dragged Arsenal down to the hill with him. Arsenal are no more an Elite Club in European football.

Then there is Manchester United, who keep on winning despite how ugly they play. I am not too interested in EPL, the game just looksabittoopredictable.Ithink I am going to do a separate post about EPL vs La Liga while I am at it.

Right there is not a lot happening with Real Madrid, which is quite surprising given that the transfer season is still not over. Other news you might be interested in is that Mourinho has refused to apologize to anyone for what he did against Barcelona. I back him up. I think we have to back him up because he is a Real Madrid coach.

Whereas Barcelona president and coach both have said that the behavior of the players should be controlled as this would only lead to more violence and something ugly in the near future.

What do you guys think? Do Real Madrid really need to check in on their players or are Barcelona just overreacting?