Kaka of Real Madrid

(photo by xn44)

There is Kaka gain, explaining to the media that he wants to stay at Real Madrid, he is staying at Real Madrid and he will not move to another club anytime soon. I think he will definitely stay for this season and if Mourinho keeps on ignoring him then he will move next summer for sure.

Kaka has said that he has a project to do in Madrid and he hopes to secure the confidence of his coach (Jose Mourinho).

Ac Milan have said that it is impossible for them to sign Kaka while Inter Milan don’t really have the money. They will get some from the sale of Eto’o but given Kaka’s age, his form with Real Madrid and his history withACMilanitishighlyunlikely that he will move to Inter Milan.

La Liga start is still not decided. We did not have any La Liga football this weekend when we were supposed to have some and that sucks. My holidays are running out and I wanted to enjoy some Real Madrid matches before they completely run out.

EPL has started and I am forced to watch that for the moment.