Real Madrid's Kaka

(Photo By Jan Solo)

PSG are the latest club to be linked with Ricardo Kaka. I don’t know what is it with these clubs, but I think if the coach and the player himself have said that they do not intend to part ways, then it should be clear that the particular player is not for sale. Yet clubs keep on coming after Kaka of Real Madrid.

Kaka came on as a second half substitute against Barcelona and played well I thought. His horrific corner led to Benzema’s second goal and before that, he was able to run at Barcelona defenders which enabled him to get a corner out of them.

Maybe, Mourinho using Kaka as a substitute has given other clubs indication that he is not needed by Mourinho. I don’tknowwhatisthetruthhere. If Mourinho does want Kaka then he should probably play him from the start. I think he can that extra creativity along with Oezil which troubles Barcelona.

Oezil and Villa got sent off the other day for their brawl at the end of the game which Real Madrid lost 3-2. Oezil says that he is innocent in this case as he was only trying to calm people down. Video evidencehasshownthe