Where does Messi come from (photo from Flickr)

Real Madrid played a fantastic match and would have won comfortably had Real Madrid converted one third of the sitters that were missed by our trio upfront. Barcelona did have some decent chances but none were straight forward. The difference was none other than Lionel Messi.

I mean, what is this guy made of. Messi, did not take part in the pre season training and was short of match practice. He came into the match and dominated. Provided a wonderful assist to Iniesta for the first goal and then scored 2 wonder goals again and again against Real Madrid and again when Barcelona needed Messi to save their butts.

One thing that has surfaced from this match is that Mourinho has mastered Barcelona and he has mastered Guardiola. Guardiola is probably not on the same level as Mourinho is, Guardiola belongs somewhere near Ranieri level. The problem is the set of players Guardiola has.

Everytime Guardiola comes up short in terms of ideas and planning against a certain team, he has Messi to just pick up the ball and start firing on all cylinders. This is what happened last night. Real Madrid were on top of Barcelona and were ready to slay the dragon but Messi came in and saved them all.

Now it seems as if Guardiola is the greatest Barcelona coach that has ever lived but nothing could be further from the truth. I think the squad that he has and the players he has especially Messi who is arguably the greatest player of all time, I think it just puts a veil on Guardiola’s true potential.

Real Madrid did little wrong. Real Madridmissedsomesittersyesbuta loss was not fair. As Iker Casillas put it after the match that a draw would have been the fairest result. Barcelona won thanks to the genius of Messi. I do not know what is it with Lionel Messi but he seems to play his best in the big games. Ronaldo though tried hard but could not match Messi’s level in big games.

Marcelo gave a nice welcome to Fabregas and then the brawl started which was not fitting. Two teams played so well and on such a high level, I think the end deserved to be a bit more civilized then it was. Barcelona played their theatrics again from the start of the second half and Real Madrid duly responded with some intense physicality.

Jose Mourinho does not seem to be too bothered about this loss as he said in an interview that SuperCup is a tiny little trophy. But he did admit thatRealMadridaredisappointedtohavelostthetrophyafterplayingsowell.