Real Madrid's Ronaldo

Ronaldo disappointed with the referee (Photo By Anna Enriquez)

Real Madrid gave plenty of hope to its fans by this performance. A 2-2 against Barcelona is actually a good result. Given the fact that Real Madrid dominated the match for most of the time and actually played attacking football, I think the future looks bright for Real Madrid. One other thing that I would like to mention here is the contribution of Ronaldo, for the first time in years, he really performed well against Barcelona.

Ronaldo was really unlucky not to have a penalty awarded to him. Valdes did bring him down inside the box but, whats gone is gone. Point is, Real Madrid can go to Camp Nou with the idea that Barcelona can be beaten at their own game. My only dissappointment was that Mourinho did not let Kaka play a single minute. That disturbs me.

He playedbrilliantlyinthematchagainstBarcelona at Camp Nou last season, I think he is built for the big games and definitely deserves some minutes.

Xabi Alonso actually has said that a draw against Barcelona is a great result given how Barcelona have dominated the world of football in the last couple of years. Alonso also said that after tonights game, no one is the favorite and Real Madrid will go to Camp Nou with the confidence that they can actually win the SuperCup.