that is probably the reason he respects them so much, not that Barcelona do not deserve that. He will come to respect Real Madrid as well he gets beaten by us too. Till then rot at Arsenal and satisfy yourself with 3rd place finishes.

Second of these players is Inter Milan’s Zanetti. He also says that he had contacts with Real Madrid and Barcelona but did not join them as he wanted to stay at Inter Milan and win things here which he did unlike Arshavin. At least Zanetti was being respectful about it. Who cares he did not get to play for Barcelona or Real Madridaslongashewonleague titles and Champions League titles with Inter Milan.

Zanetti is one player (along with Totti) who I had dreamed of seeing Zanetti play for Real Madrid. Unfortunately, he was and probably is too loyal to Inter Milan. He is old now and will never play for Real Madrid, too bad. Anyway, he is another player who could not make the cut and play for Real Madrid.

The third player is Diarra. Even though he played for Real Madrid, he could not find himself a starting spot for more than 6 months and will probably never play for Real Madrid again. He will definitely be moving away from Real Madrid this summer with Tottenham leading the race to sign former Chelsea player.

It is going to be difficult to find a club for Lassana Diarra as he was some genetic blood problems which does not allow him to play at high altitudes. So Real Madrid will not be able to get 20 million for Lass as originally they had hoped for. Diarra’s wages are also a big stumbling block, Tottenham’s wages structure do not allow for a player to have that high of a salary.

Diarra has played in the premier league before which makes him a bit more attractive then he would have been had he not played for clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal and Portsmouth.