Karim Benzema of Real Madrid

Benzema wants greatness at Real Madrid (Photo By Jan Solo)


Karim Benzema has reiterated his desire to succeed at Real Madrid and win a lot of trophies next season. How many times is he going to repeat himself. Benzema had a pretty good season last season as well on a personal level as he was able to score 25 goals for the season which is a fantastic return in such a tough league.

Anyway, good luck to Benzema on forming a dynasty at Real Madrid, which not many players have done. Not even Ronaldo can say that about him right now, I think he needs a season or two to achieve that level. Raul was able to do it, but he took like a decade and a half.

There are players who cannot form a dynasty at Real Madrid, in fact, they cannot even play for Real Madrid let alone come to Real Madrid and play in the first team and I want to talk about three of these type of players today.

First one is Arshavin, who has recently said that he would not play for Real Madrid as he is a Barcelona fan. He says there is only one club he would never play for and that is Real Madrid. Well guess what Arshavin. You are not playing for Real Madrid and you are notplayingforBarcelonaeither.Youare just not cut for that.

Arshavin’s limit ends with Arsenal. He will probably spend another 3 seasons with Arsenal and win nothing. Not even an individual title and then he’ll go back to his homeland and play for Zenith. Time will pass and he will enjoy his home life while on the outside, no one will remember his name outside of his family. That is his level. Real Madrid do not sign players with that kind of mentality and it just speaks for itself why Arshavin has and probably never will play for an elite club like Real Madrid or Barcelona.

When will Arshavin learn his lesson.HelostofBarcelonaacoupleoftimesintheChampionsLeagueand