Real Madrid's Kaka

(Photo By Jan Solo)

Reports have it, Kaka’s future is uncertain again. Apparently, Perez has met with Gilliani (AC Milan’s CEO) and both have discussed about a possible move of Kaka to AC Milan.

Both AC Milan and Real Madrid have been touring China for a tour and both Perez and Galliani used this opportunity to discuss this important matter.

Kaka played for AC Milan as well before moving to Real Madrid but unlike at Real Madrid his career at AC Milan was pure gold. He was on the top of his game at AC Milan. Injuries have not helped Kaka’s cause but he has not had the best 2 years at Real Madrid.

Last week, Kaka reported that he had no intentions of moving (I am sure he does not want to move again) and that he had talked with Mourinho who gave him confidence in terms of the role Kaka will playnextseasonforRealMadrid.

Inother news, Pepe has said that he wants to win everything every year with Real Madrid. Barcelona might have won everything apart from the Copa Del Ray last season, but Pepe thinks that Real Madrid will be fighting hard next season on all fronts.

Pepe also thinks (like the rest of Real Madrid squad) that this is not the time to think about Barcelona. Real Madrid will play Barcelona on August 14 for the two legged