Fernando Gago of Real Madrid

Gago worked hard for his future at Real Madrid


Gago’s manager has said that Inter Milan can be a good place for his client and he is looking forward to a solution of his clients future. Gago is no longer a part of Jose Mourinho’s plans and the Real Madrid coach has told Gago so.

Gago was expected to leave for Boca Juniors but as luck has it, the transfer market in Argentina will close this Friday and leaves little time for Gago to finalize his move from Real Madrid to Boca Juniors.

In my view I think Real Madrid should at least ask for 20 million for Gago. Don’t know of too many clubs who would pay such a fee for a player of Gago’s caliber but, hye it is never a bad thing to try. What do you guys think? Is there a single reason why Gago should not be sold? Can he contribute to the team in any way? Any way at all?.