Real Madrid player Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo To EPL? (Photo By Peacecup)

No matter what Mourinho thinks about Real Madrid needing a striker or not. No matter what the majority of Real Madrid fans believe about Real Madrid needing an extra bench striker. Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid thinks that Real Madrid do not need another striker.

Real Madrid has been linked with the like so Adebayor, Aguero (who has joined City I believe), pastore (who has joined PSG according to latest reports) and Neymar (whose representatives do not see the transfer happening before January).

Ronaldo is happy with current Real Madrid squad and thinks that there is nothing that needs reinforcements this summer. Real Madrid have already signed Callejon from Espanyol. The ladisareasonablebackupstriker, but Mourinho still thinks that the squad needs some improvement in that department.

Real Madrid now are more closely linked with Adebayor, whose price tag is believed to me around 14 million euros.

Meanwhile, Angel Di Maria has joined the Real Madrid squad for the China Tour and says that he is impressed with the new signings and how they have integrated with the squad so quickly.