Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid coach

Mourinho (Photo by Jan Solo)

If everyone of you thought that players who play in the Makalele role do not really need to improve, then think again. Even though it is a pretty non glamorous role, Semi Khedira believes that he can improve himself and further cement his place in this Real Madrid line up.

Well, I have some news for you Khedira. With the way Gago, Granero and Lassan Diarra are behaving, there would be no one left for you to displace. Just relax. Khedira was Real Madrid’s monster in the midfield last season and continues to be a starter under Jose Mourinho.

Khedira also commented on the fact that he had been able to adapt to the new system at Real Madrid rather well, because of his good training in his younger days as a football player.

Khedira also has some nice words to say about Jose Mourinho and Ronaldo. He said that Mourinho is the kind of a guy who lives for football. Khedira also belives that Ronaldo is a real professional and is not as self centered as most people like to believeheis.

Khediraalsosupportsthefact that Ronaldo is just a normal person as soon as he steps off the pitch.

Kaka on the other hand has lauded the talents of Santos Star Neymar. Neymar has been linked to Real Madrid and Kaka thinkgs that Neymar would improve any squad. Kaka also talked about how his career has taken a hit as far as national team is concerned. He says these ups and downs are not in his control.

Even though Kaka says Neymar is a good player and would benefit Real Madrid. It is actually Santos who do not intend to sell Neymar toRealMadrid,atleastnotthisyear.Santospresidenthavemadeitclear