Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho

(Photo By twobobswerver)

Real Madrid have finally succeeded in getting a positive response from UEFA in relation to the ban they imposed on Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, couple of months back. Mourinho had challenged the ruling which UEFA gave and had asked the reason for him being banned.

This is what I got from

A statement on Uefa’s official website reads: “After hearing the parties and looking at various pieces of evidence, the appeals body decided to modify the sanction.

“The five-match ban, with the fifth game suspended for a probationary period ofthreeyears,ischangedtoa five-match ban, with the fourth and fifth fixtures suspended for a probationary period of three years. The EUR50,000 fine imposed on Mourinho stays.”

There is also a fine of 20 ooo euros on Real Madrid, I think it was for some fan behavior during that Barcelona game. I have got to say, what Mourinho said was